Technische specificaties & backline

Front: D&B Y-Series
Monitors: D&B Max12 (4x) + Soundprojects x-act (2x)
Mixing Console: Midas Pro 2 DIGITAL
Monitor Console: none/absent
No outboard gear (all eq’s, dynamics and fx Midas Pro2)

AKG: C414, 451B (2x), C3000, C1000 (2x), D112
Audio Technica: ATM 35 (clip)
DPA 4099 D: vote (2x)
Earthworks: SR25 (3x)
SE Electronics: SE1 (2x)
Sennheiser: E865 (3x), MD421 (3x), BF541, MD 504/604 (4x)
Shure: SM58 (5x), SM57 (4x), Béta57 (2x)

2 stereo DI’s + 8 mono active DI’s & 3 passive DI’s
Several key-, guitar- and musicstands

Piano: Yamaha C3, Fender Rhodes Mark 1 stage piano
Bass: hand carved 3/4 upright double bass
Guitaramps: Roland JC 120, Fender Hot Rod “The Ville 212” & Fender “red knob” Twin
Bassamp: Hevos 400D (, Ampeg SVT Classic
Basscabinets: Hevos Compact set (1×15″ + 1x 12″), Ampeg
Drums: Pearl Worldseries (18″ bassdrum, 14″ snare, 10″, 12″ + 14″ toms)
with Remo Ambassador
Pearl Sessionseries (22″bassdrum, 14″ snare 10″, 12″, 14″, 16″ toms)
with Remo pin stripe

12 channel desk with 12 fresnelspots.

10 x 4 x 0,33 meters (wxdxh)
Paradox has a capacity of 175 visitors